Want To Learn? Stop Being An Askhole

Askhole (n.): Someone who asks for advice and either 1) refuses to take it, or 2) does the complete opposite of what you suggest, and/or [perhaps now] 3) keeps asking questions to the point that they sound like a toddler unable to think for themselves.

For one example form Alisha Brown of Honi Soit,

“Let’s say you have a friend, Rachel. Rachel messages you with a conundrum. She just matched with someone really cute on Bumble who is keen to meet up but she has ‘literally, like, no free time’ between juggling two jobs, a full-time study load, a sick dog, and an online shopping problem. You suggest that it might be best to postpone the date until next week, when she has a little more space in her clusterfuck of a life. ‘Yeah, you’re probably right,’ she replies with the sulky-sad emoji. ‘Thanks babe xx.’ She sends you mirror selfies the next day from someone else’s bedroom.”

“it’s remarkably invalidating to be asked for expert advice and immediately have your expertise challenged. No one has to take every nugget of wisdom dispensed like Pez when I partially detach my head and rain my experience onto the world. But, explaining why your accountant’s son-in-law’s friend is perhaps wrong is scope creep from advice to a longer discussion. And if you aren’t going to take advice, don’t ask for it.” said Mason Pelt in an article about not being an askhole.

Another video by Louis Rossmann addresses when people simply do not bother to look anything up for themselves. Asking the person they are seeking help from to more of less do it for them.

If you want to learn. It’s time to stop being an askhole and become investable.

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