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Video: San Francisco Police Department Pulling Over Self-driving Taxi

A viral video initially posted to Instagram showing San Francisco police officers pulling over a self-driving taxi, looks like something out of a sci-fi stoner comedy. The police officers are visibly confused as they circle the car. And onlookers can be heard laughing. The car is made by GM subsidiary Cruise. Ond according to CNBC only started […]

OpenAI Says Its Image-Generating AI Is Incapable of Making Porn

OpenAI has released its latest product, dubbed DALL-E2, an impressive piece of machine learning tech that can turn simple text descriptions into photorealistic images, say, of bandana-wearing pandas riding motorcycles or an astronaut riding a giant turtle in space. But the company has wisely anticipated the potential misuse of its advanced AI as well, given there’s plenty of precedent […]

Working With Climate Entrepreneur Sunil Paul

Originally published at on March 15, 2022 by Mason Pelt. The full story about working with Sunil Paul is on Push ROI. But the highlights: Spring Free EV approached my company Push ROI about providing marketing services. Spring Free EV negotiated a contract, resulting in both written clarification of the terms and changes to the terms Spring Free […]

Metaverse Is Just Internet

The Metaverse is starting to seem like it’s just the internet. In some cases, particularly innovative uses of the internet; in others, not so much. Some say the Metaverse is just a modern-day utopia, but honestly, it’s just the internet with a new graphical interface. Grifts, scams, and schemes like the 500 million of worth(less) real estate […]

Four Articles About Coping With A Pandemic That Have Nothing To Do With Medicine

Covid-19 has raged, lulled and raged again for the better part of the last two years. The way we have all coped has been varied. Where we go, who we see, and how we make money have all changed. Here are five outstanding articles about how different people have adjusted in the pandemic.  From Travel […]

A Bacterium Survived In Space For A Full Year

Researchers have studied Deinococcus radiodurans — a species of bacterium first found in a can of meat — for some time. These microbes were left on a special platform outside the Pressurised module of the ISS for one year. The Bacterium amazingly survived in space’s evacuee with UV radiation and huge temperature fluctuations. So, after the year outside, […]

CR Codes, Masks, And Hand Sanitizer are the MVPs of 2020

COVID-19 has hit travel and hospitality harder than most industries, and that is saying something. In the U.S. we’re now nearly nine months into the pandemic, without an end imminently in sight. And in a touch less world, some fairly gimmicky tech now has a use. “Venture outside and you’ll soon see them. Printed on […]

New Human Organ Discovered in the Throat

Well, Scientists have discovered a human new organ, in the form of a set of salivary glands. These glands found in the back of upper throat.  According to The journal Radiotherapy and Oncology. This nasopharynx region — behind the nose — was not thought to host anything but microscopic, diffuse, salivary glands; but the newly discovered set are […]