About This Site

This websites once upon a time was used by the Wirral Rocketry Society. In 2007 the website said:

We fly big and little rockets in the Northwest area and meet monthly. A diverse and friendly group of members, we offer free informal membership to fly rockets and learn more about them.

We have taken over the site to write about what Star Trek called “The final frontier”. We will cover of course space, but also areas of tech that could just as well be dubbed the final frontier. Things like artificial intelligence, cutting edge research on new drugs; And the ocean, that giant blue part of a world humanity has seen from space, but hasn’t really begun to explore.

Over time we plan to rebuild and host an archive of Wirral Rocketry Society, but we want to broadcast so much more, and showcase the biggest achievements of the human race.

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Thank you to Mason Pelt for helping me get this website up and running.