U.S. Air Force Holds Space Wargame, I Hope They Invited George Lucas

On September 4th at Maxwell Air Force Base in Alabama, the Air Force Space Command started a wargame scenario set in the year 2029. Around 350 experts from at least 27 agencies are part of this wargame. Says Space.com.

The scenario for the Space wargame is intended to address threats across diverse, operating environments. It’s intended to challenge civilian and military leaders. My deep hope is that George Lucas is one of the civilians involved in the wargames.

I say that the Air Force needs Lucas, because the news I’ve read this week, includes a recent story in The Atlantic about U.S. military testing of artificial intelligence able to autonomously select targets on a battlefield and a man in China who cloned his cat.

Those stories, individually, make me think of a line from the book The Indian in the Cupboard — “you should not do magic you do not understand” — But together, these stories paint a picture of humanity as solidly on track to create a real life reenactment of Lucas’ Star Wars prequels. My species is inching closer to a time when a clone army will fight a droid army. And I want the U.S. air force to be prepared.

This is the 13th Schriever Wargame held by The United States Air Force Space Command. The Schriever Wargame 2018 lasted two weeks, and did not involve the star wars creator. I hope very much that they haven’t made that mistake this time, because the threats the human race is building, are a variety only he is qualified to imagine.

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