More AI Coming To Healthcare

Writing for Psychology Today James Lake gave an overview of advances in AI that will impact how mental health care is practiced in clinical settings. He says the result positive, with more individualized treatment and a mix of conventional and evidence-based complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) modalities.

The key points are that AI will allow medical professionals to, Quickly extract useful information from medical data sets that were previously difficult to access due to time restrictions. To reliably access up-to-date information on a wide range of Western medical and CAM modalities. And with AI tools receive a guide in identifying optimal treatment protocols, for many common mental health problems.

We are seeing AI use in many life saving ways, RiskCardio may help with the diagnosis and treatment of heart confessions. When it comes to radiology we have no shortage of new AI tech. VIDA Diagnostics will be avalable to help more doctors and radiologist help more patients diagnose lung disease and the FDA cleared tech to quickly spot collapsed lungs.

In psychology we’ve seen a huge push by Amen Clinics to use brain imaging. Raising the question, when will we combine brain imaging and AI to help with mental health treatment.

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