Metaverse Is Just Internet

The Metaverse is starting to seem like it’s just the internet. In some cases, particularly innovative uses of the internet; in others, not so much. Some say the Metaverse is just a modern-day utopia, but honestly, it’s just the internet with a new graphical interface.

Grifts, scams, and schemes like the 500 million of worth(less) real estate was sold on the top four metaverse platforms in 2021. But video games, chat apps, and virtual group activities that share a physical space will be the internet as they always have been.

We no longer use the command line to access the web, thanks to Mosaic. And we use search engines and web directories, for the most part, these days. Maybe someday we will use a Minecraft-like interface to browse articles and watch videos in virtual theaters. Who can say?

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