Four Articles About Coping With A Pandemic That Have Nothing To Do With Medicine

Covid-19 has raged, lulled and raged again for the better part of the last two years. The way we have all coped has been varied. Where we go, who we see, and how we make money have all changed. Here are five outstanding articles about how different people have adjusted in the pandemic. 

From Travel to Virtual: How We Pivoted in The Pandemic Era

Devon Hauth’s story tells how her company Moniker pivoted from planning corporate retreats to virtual events. The company that once planned events in Cancun, now offers team-building games like an online murder mystery.

3 Innovative Ways Restaurants Responded to the pandemic That are Here to Stay

Ron Blum an Associate Professor at JWU, wrote about three major changes in the pandemic forced on restaurants. Robotics, QR Codes, and delivery. A lot has changed, and some of those changes may be here forever. 

How COVID has transformed the death care industry for ‘last responders’

Reporter Kat Eschner explains how the pandemic increased cremations and lowered the number, size, and scope of funerals. 2020 had 20% more deaths than in 2019 funeral homes earned 20% to 30% less money.

6 ways the pandemic has changed businesses

In an article Victoria Masterson of Formative Content explained how the pandemic has amplified existing challenges in education for lower-income students and how remote and online learning are here to stay.

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