Author: Oren Salomon

Water Vapor Detected In Atmosphere Of The Planet K2-18b

Researchers have detected water vapor in the air of K2-18b, a conceivably habitable alien world about double the size of Earth. The findings, announcement made today (Sept. 11), follows released different study published yesterday declaring the revelation of water vapor, and likely clouds and even rain, on the planet. The far away planet (it’s around […]

U.S. Air Force Holds Space Wargame, I Hope They Invited George Lucas

On September 4th at Maxwell Air Force Base in Alabama, the Air Force Space Command started a wargame scenario set in the year 2029. Around 350 experts from at least 27 agencies are part of this wargame. Says The scenario for the Space wargame is intended to address threats across diverse, operating environments. It’s intended […]

Google Launches And Open-Sources Machine Learning

Google open-sources NLS (Neural Structured Learning), a machine learning framework to train neural networks with structured data and graphs. Open-source software means the source code is released under a license where the rights holder grants anyone the right to study, change, and distribute the software. This is huge! Potentially letting more people play in the machine […]

European Space Agency Satellite Swerved Avoiding A Collision With SpaceX

Three months after Elon Musk’s SpaceX Corp. sent its first set of satellites into orbit, other operators are already veering to keep their own spacecraft out of harm’s way. The European Space Agency tweeted that it moved it’s Earth observation satellite Aeolus to avoid a possible crash with one of SpaceX’s Starlink satellites. The Musk-backed company launched its first […]