A Bacterium Survived In Space For A Full Year

Researchers have studied Deinococcus radiodurans — a species of bacterium first found in a can of meat — for some time. These microbes were left on a special platform outside the Pressurised module of the ISS for one year. The Bacterium amazingly survived in space’s evacuee with UV radiation and huge temperature fluctuations.

So, after the year outside, the researchers got the bacterium back on Earth, to compare it with both a control that spent a year on Earth and one that spend 3565 days in Low Earth Orbit.

According to ScienceAlert

“This kind of study helps us understand whether bacteria could survive other worlds, and maybe even the journey between them, which will become more and more important as we humans and the germs we bring with us begin to travel farther than our Moon into the Solar System, and one day maybe even beyond.”

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