Month: April 2022

Video: San Francisco Police Department Pulling Over Self-driving Taxi

A viral video initially posted to Instagram showing San Francisco police officers pulling over a self-driving taxi, looks like something out of a sci-fi stoner comedy. The police officers are visibly confused as they circle the car. And onlookers can be heard laughing. The car is made by GM subsidiary Cruise. Ond according to CNBC only started […]

OpenAI Says Its Image-Generating AI Is Incapable of Making Porn

OpenAI has released its latest product, dubbed DALL-E2, an impressive piece of machine learning tech that can turn simple text descriptions into photorealistic images, say, of bandana-wearing pandas riding motorcycles or an astronaut riding a giant turtle in space. But the company has wisely anticipated the potential misuse of its advanced AI as well, given there’s plenty of precedent […]